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We have a leading repuation in Belfast Lisburn. we always offer free estimates and advice and all of our work is completed to the highest standard.

What type of work can be carried out?

With over 20 years of experience, cover all aspects of painting and decorating and we have experience in the whole range of painting and decorating projects from the smallest room to complete redecoration of luxury properties. From interior and exterior painting to complete redecoration our experienced team of passionate professionals will ensure your project is completed to the highest standard. Our skilled decorator  is always on hand to provide advice to ensure you achieve your desired look to the highest specification. Whether you're after a patterened wallpaper to complement the colour of an existing or new decor, a feature wall or just basic lining paper to cover the irregularities of a wall, we can help.

These days there are so many types of specialist wall coverings available. You can choose from a range of more standard paper or fabric backed wallpaper ideal for lounges and bed rooms, to a more resilient water and splash proof vinyl coverings that are well suited to bathrooms, kitchens and other domestic requirements. We apply quality vinyl coverings and specialist wallpapers to meet your individual requirements and are at hand to help you choose the best covering for your needs.

Wallpaper hanging can very easily end up in a right sticky mess for the less experienced who have decided to brave it out and have a go, especially when it comes to wallpapering a ceiling which is considered as one of the trickiest painting and decorating jobs! Oakridge Decorators provides you with a qualified decorator who is skilled at wallpaper hanging and will have your wallpapering job finished tidily in no time at all, even complex ceiling work.

Even though the decorator is highly skilled at his job, he can only hang wallpaper and ensure that a pattern is matche up perfectly dependent on the condition of the wall itself. If the wall is out by a lot (and this can easily be seen when a spirit level does a see-saw motion rather than sit flat to the surface), then you're only hope of a patterned wallpaper matching up at every pattern is to have a plaster come in and re-skim your wall.

If this seems like a costly option, then a money saving solution would be to buy a wallpaper which doesn't have a pattern that needs to be matched or go for a lining paper and have the decorator paint it. Whatever the condition of your walls, you can be assured your decorator will be at hand to pass on some sound advice.


What do I do next?

Call on  07402277747 or use our contact form to provide us with a description of what you want done. Wei'll get back to you immediately with a detailed, no obligation quote.